Since the beginning of time, a man’s prestige has been derived from the shoes he wears, together with the right watch and belt. Man has valued footwear that speaks of panache and style, together with comfort and luxury, for the reason that these four basic aspects stand out, and get the job done.

We’d rather be meticulous with our footwear, as global occurrences suggest this could make or break your outfits. For men, it is simpler of a task, as the elementary rules of selection are easy. Contrary to that, we’ve witnessed some sporting the wrong pair, with the right outfit, and that is quite a butchery of the entire look. For those who are oblivious regarding how to elect just the immaculate pair, given here under are simple rules to abide by.

The shoes to wear with casual pants and informal shirts.

By casual pants, we refer to the variety of chinos and the khakis that you own.

For days when you’re going for casual pants in whites, pastels, greys, or blacks, a pair of burgundy or blue loafers, beige saddle shoes, or canvas shoes are going to do the trick.

The shoes to wear with suits.

Oxfords, derbys, bluchers, leather loafers, buckles and tassels are your suit wear necessities.

We’ve witnessed men sporting spontaneous lace-ups with suits, and that is considered as the classic slipup number one. Opt for elegance over funk.

Consequently, with suits, you ought to own a pair of two of brown and black oxfords and derbys, because these are duos that are vintage yet fashionable.

With that stated, pointy toes in shiny leather and crisp laces also work.

The shoes to wear with jeans and tees.

We’d say it depends on where you’re off to. If it is a trip to the grocery store, you could walk out in your flip-flops.

However, flip-flops otherwise are forever a no, for the very reason that such pairs are bound to give off a look that states you don’t care about your appearance.


On the retrospect, dress shoes with jeans are not going to cut it, either.

With your denims, go for black, beige, or earthy tones of moccasins, slip-ons, ankle-length boots, brown leather loafers, or sandals.

The shoes to wear with formals.

Thicker soles, classic laces, leather structures, and cap-toes, your dress shoes to go with your dress pants are to be glossy, so as to lift up your outfit.

With dress pants and shirts, we’d recommend thicker toes with polished leather, in beiges, browns, light greens, and blacks.

Clasps, side zips, and double monk straps are an add-on of style to formal wear.

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