Visualize James Bond in a suave LV suit, teamed with flip flops. Now, imagine him in a leather jacket and a pair of jeans, sporting crocodile leather moccasins with funky socks. Lastly, picture yourself doing the same, because well, you do.

Let’s get the basics straight – a man without the right pair of shoes is a man dressed to qualify for Mickey Mouse in Disneyland, and if that’s your purpose in life, read no further. We’ve perceived it, and continue to observe it, be it at work spaces, fashion shows, events, celebrations, weddings, or dates. If you fail to get your footwear game on, you’re measured as a fashion catastrophe.

Global phenomena advises that the shoes make the man, and we are here to aid you concerning just what NOT to do. If you’re committing any of these criminalities, we reckon you stop right away, unless you aspire to bag the award for the idiot of the century, of course.

Do not wear socks with loafers. Forget being attractive to the ladies, you’re going to come off as a mistake and a half to your parents..

Do NOT not match your socks with your shoes. We’ve seen men trotting around in girly flamboyant ankle socks that need to be burnt. Preserve your colorful polka-dotted pairs for costume parties, and always match your socks with your footwear. Opt for darker colors with your browns and blacks, and lighter shades with your greys and blues.


Do not think dress shoes could be considered as a casual day option – in such circumstances, elect between slip-ons, loafers, or chukkas.


Do not assume that a white belt will pay a glorious tribute to your brown footwear. On the contrary, it may – a tribute to a fashion funeral, of course. Permanently match your footwear with your belts, or don’t wear shoes. Or belts. Just stay home?


You necessitate two pairs of hip Oxfords to make a statement – a brown, and a black. Follow this instruction, so as to not make a real fool of yourselves in public. Do not think otherwise, for she will reject you if you do.


Do not never opt for shoehorns. It isn’t appealing to watch a man dragging his feet. With certain pairs, you may feel a size or comfort difference. Henceforth, shoehorns were invented for a purpose.


Let me tell you a secret – brown suede shoes are forever invincible. You can wear them in the day time, or to a party, a wedding, and you name it. Nevertheless, do not be stupid enough to wear them to the beach.

If you’re sporting obscure shades, elect footwear that compliments the hues of your outfits. Do not wear a blue suit with purple leather shoes is all we’re saying.

Oxfords, Derbys, clasps and monk-straps – never the best picks to go with your casual clothing

Life is more fun in leather shoes. Do NOT deny it.


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