at long last, the hand craftsmanship of luxurious leather shoe for men has a name “footprint”, which offers
world-class handmade shoes that depict our legacy of traditional workmanship.

already a pioneer in bespoke footwear, both in creating and re-crafting,
footprint possesses the highly skilled and talented artisan style craftsmen who have been creating your exquisite footwear for over two decades.

the inner sense of artistry


it is not enough to possess the finest tools and the highest quality materials. to create the superior quality shoe you expect, one must possess the inner sense of artistry. only those with the intense attention to the minutest detail truly understand this work.

skilled to style

new iconic

footprint’s exquisitely skilled artisan style craftsmen retain the values of traditional leatherwork while reinterpreting them into highly desired modern designs.

from procuring materials of the highest quality to employing the most inspired craftsmen, we strive to distil the spirit of tradition into perfection for each and every shoe we make.

we don't live forever, our legacy does.

new iconic legacy

“organic” a single word that defines footprint. our bespoke shoes are work of art that is not only enriched with great attention to details, but details that personify aesthetics, luxury, comfort and skilled hands. we make sure that our shoes make your every step a legacy, with our skilled craftsmen, imported and highest quality materials and more importantly client satisfaction.

invest in yourself


our commitment to our customers is to provide the highest value possible in the shoe we create. we know that our shoe are not just footwear, but an investment in your appearance and image. we are humbled that you’ve chosen us, so that we can provide you with nothing short of excellence.