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Footprint is the brainchild of shoes’ enthusiasts who believed men’s shoes deserve as much attention and aplomb as their female counterparts. The modern man needs to be as versatile and up-to-date when it comes to fashion, as the fairer sex because today’s world functions on imagery.

Footprint was an entrepreneurial start-up that focused on providing customized, handmade casual and formal men’s shoes in Karachi. Creating a cushy niche segment for themselves, they’ve now delved into the online realm and have established themselves as a reliable source of handmade shoes that guarantees quality, craftsmanship and aesthetic taste.
With a variety of designs to choose from in a wide array of colors to suit your mood, attire and occasion, Footprint has managed to snag itself a distinctive spot when it comes to shopping online for men’s shoes in Pakistan.

Online shopping has picked up momentum considerably in recent times in Pakistan. People have become far more aware and accessibility has increased, thus providing products and services providers to be able to cater to a larger market.
Not just that, but the awareness of fashion trends has created an opportunity for producers to cater to those needs of our youth amongst the male population that were previously being marginalized.

Men’s fashion trends have seen a very visceral shift in dynamics recently; and shoes have become an integral part of being fashionably dressed. From among the various kinds of shoes that are available now, to styles and colors, own men are not shy about experimenting with their looks anymore. Customized, handmade leather shoes have become a recent rage.

Shoes that are not just confortable and suave, but also provide the oomph! to any outfit is the demand of the day.
Footprint has been trying to meet this demand in an excellent manner, catering to the needs and requirements of their existing connoisseur customers, while using their online presence to further enhance their reach.

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