Handmade Shoes – Revival of a Fading Trend

if you have your own unique style but Handmade shoes were the norm at a time. That was before industrialization took us by storm and the art of crafting leather shoes by hand became obsolete.
Modern times have seen a revival of this craft because even today there are connoisseurs who have a discerning eye for men’s casual and formal handmade shoes.

Men’s footwear has not received its due attention for a long period of time. That is predominantly due to the fact that accessories and footwear was associated primarily with women, especially in countries like Pakistan.
However, we have seen a change in this trend over the past two decades in a more visible and daunting manner.

Men these days are just as aware of the importance of having the right footwear to complement their attire for any particular occasion. This has led to a gradual rise in the availability of men’s shoes online as, giving rise to businesses that focus solely on handmade and customized shoes for men in Pakistan.

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