2020, July

Follow the Footprint!

Footprint is the brainchild of shoes’ enthusiasts who believed men’s shoes deserve as much attention and aplomb as their female counterparts.

The modern man needs to be as versatile and up-to-date when it comes to fashion, as the fairer sex because today’s world functions on imagery.

Time to Pull Your Boots Up!

Accessorizing, primping and preening, fussing over the tiniest of details; that was all attributed to women.

Men were expected to be rough-hewn and inconspicuous. But not anymore! Times have changed, and men these days are just as aware and conscious about what is hot and what is not. 

Get Your Boots On!

Men these days are perfectly aware of the importance of appropriate footwear to complete and complement their outfits.

In this regard, online shopping for men’s shoes has seen a considerable rise in its ranks. The options for customization have led to numerous possibilities for men to access both casual and formal handmade leather shoes online.

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